Inaba Chicken Fillet Cat Treat


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Turn meal time into yum time with the Inaba Ciao Grain-Free Grilled Chicken Fillet in Scallop Flavored Broth Cat Treat. “Ciao delicious!” your hangry kitty will say when you serve up this hand-cut, lightly-grilled fillet of farm-raised chicken, packed with flavorful protein fit for your little carnivore. The ingredients list is simple—with real meat, broth and added vitamin E for a boost of nutrition in every meaty, tender bite, with zero junk ingredients like grains or anything artificial. It’s great as an anytime treat or snack, or as a food topper to make meals simply irresistible. Plus, since it’s made with real broth, it adds plenty of moisture to help keep your kitty hydrated and support his well-being, tail to whiskers.


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